Monday, May 19, 2014

Half Way There

With more than a third of this seasons Nascar races over already we head in to the summer with Fantasy Racing looking like this.
Tanner Dog is towing Lucian by 4 points. Saintsurfer is just surfed by the Tallone with 3 points.
GCS has a Comfortable 62 point lead over yours truly.  StormDancer and Hispanic Mechanic round out the last 2 spots 8 and 900 points back. Wondering if they are pulling a start and stop race. 
We are 46% in the standings not to bad for our small group.

I have heard of a horses behind before but horses wearing breathing strips on there nose! 
Headed into the Preakness (should be called the Freakness) California Chrome (aka Jimmy Johnson, not really) will be allowed to wear nasal strips. I wonder if that would help Ryan Newman?

Football is on the way, after last year I gained a new respect for Florida, those guys play hard! 
I will still have to root for the VOLS and anyone who beats The Crimson Tide. 

So lets go into the Summer with a blast and I want to know who is going to Bristol and Talladega this year?
I am trying to decide which race to take my son to, you guys leave a comment on which race you are going to. That will help me decide. 

Remember to check out Tanner Dogs Site looks like they have an event coming up in June
Jun 6-8 Summit Point HyperFest


Friday, March 14, 2014

Its finally Nascar Season!

 What races are you planning on going to this year?
Myself I would love to go back to the Bristol night race and Talladega. One place I have not been is Atlanta Motor Speedway Might try that this year.

Not sure why but I love the look of this car a 1949 Oldsmobile

Reading Nascar Tweets from Tim Clagg @Clagger01 posted Danica Patrick Expletives(cant say I blame her)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More air woe's

As you know I have been battling the heat. The last article was published on the July 6th. Now the compressor blew up!
I called another heat and air business to come out. With all the troubles I have had with the last two I thought I better look them up on the BBB. Good thing I did to because they had over 200 complaints. So I called and cancelled that appointment.I looked at BBB acredited companies in my area and found Sandrell Heating & Air. They have an A+ Rating with the BBB and  0 complaints.
This is there statement. "Here at Sandrell, we set ourselves apart from all other competitors by raising our standards, doing "Whatever It Takes" to make a 100% satisfied customer."

So let me tell you about my customer experience with Sandrell.
In short I couldn't be more pleased!

 Now for the details. The Lady that answered the phone was very personable and genuinely had empathy for me and what I had to say and of course I told her everything so far.
She worked with me to get the technician to my residence after I got home from work.
The tech's name was Chris he was very polite and professional. Chris listened to what I had to say. By the time he got here we had a different issue on our hands, the neighbors came over and said they heard a big bang and a loud hissing noise. I am thinking the compressor blew  up. I was close, it blew a hole in one of the pipes. Chris explained that it was going to be about 450.00 to fix this. Chris soldered the pipe, pulled a vacuum on the system and charged it up. Chris also replaced the wires that burned  up as that is what caused the whole problem to start with.

This also burned up another capacitor when the wires shorted, so a second capacitor was replaced  and  now the fan is turning at the proper speed again. It is 4 hours later and we have dropped 5 degrees so far. I will be curious to see how things turn out but I have a good feeling that Chris fixed the "actual" problem and didn't leave me with a bunch of excuses and empty promise's, as a matter of fact Chris told me that they guarantee there work for a year and if he has to come back out on the issue there will not be another service fee.

 Burnt and Toasted more than once.