Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Nascar season is upon us. The sights the sounds the smell of speed what an adrenaline rush.

Now that is if your at the track, for the rest of us there is TV, cold frosty adult beverages and Fantasy Racing.

The Nascar season has been ramping up since last race at Homestead and finally, Fantasy Racing is here.
I know that there are a lot of Fantasy Racing sites out there as I have tried most of them. The one that I continue to use
is Yahoo’s Fantasy Racing. Best of all Yahoo’s Fantasy Racing is free. If in the past you didn’t use Yahoo’s Fantasy Racing due to its lack of user friendliness now is the time to give Yahoo a second chance.

Yahoo has changed everything and I am loving it.

The one thing that remains the same is its ease of use when it comes to game play that is what attracted me to Yahoo’s Fantasy Racing to start with. There are 3 groups. A,B, and C
In your A group you can have 2 drivers with only one active and one reserve.
Your B group you have 4 drivers with 2 active and 2 reserve and then you C group is the same as your A group That is it.

The challenge comes in the form of simple math. There are 36 drivers however you can only use each driver 9 times.
So what is so great about Yahoo this year? The interface. Right off the bat you will notice when you select a driver you no longer get a boring link, you get a nice picture of the driver you selected which is great for people who are new to Nascar. This also allows you to have a face to go with the name. The next thing I noticed is the built in stats. No more trudging off to other sites to look up stats of drivers past. I know it only gives you last years stats but really that is all that is important here.
Why you ask? Last year was the first full season for the Car Of Tomorrow and as you heard the crew chiefs say all previous notes went in the trash and they started from scratch.
Now obviously if a driver is good at a certain track he will remain good at that track however you will be able to look at the last years stats immediately and see how well he did.

Now is time ladies and gentlemen to start your engines to compete against Mike and myself in this years Fantasy Racing so head on over to Tailgating and start you engines.

Fantasy Racing

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