Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monster Jam Tailgating

Do you ever wonder why we don't tailgate at Monster Truck events?
Could it be that Monster Trucks are not as popular? Maybe but I dont think so. Could it be there is really no place to tailgate at these events? Naa a parking lot is a parking lot. I mean we tailgate for days at a Nascar event, we do pre game tailgating at football games. One of the things I noticed at the most recent Monster Jam I went to is the fact that it is really more family oriented than an ball game or a Nascar race.Lets face it there is a lot of beer consumed at the tailgate. Sure kids can go to games and races but last night at this Monster Jam there was not a parent who did not have a child with them. I believe the monster Jam events are more about the kids and the kids at heart than the tailgating.

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