Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad Weekend

Let me preface this story with this. I have the utmost respect for  law enforcement officials, they put there life on the line every day to try to make this a safe place for all. With that being said this guy messed up what would have been a great start to a great weekend.

I went to play golf today the temperature was around a perfect 70 degrees. The rain held off and made for a great day of golf. So I drive back to town about 20 miles, Yes there are closer courses but I like playing at this course. So I cut through a side street and as i approach the stop sign I hear a siren and see the blue blue blue. The way he did it I wasn't sure if he wanted me to pull over or wanted me to get out of his way, as far as i know I have not done anything wrong. He finally gets out of the car, all 5'3" of him, I watch him in my side mirror he wrenches his nose one way and the spits on the ground then he wrenches his nose the other way and spits on the ground again. he finally gets up to my side window and says "how do"
I think I say ok I dont remember at this point he had me so nervous the way he did everything.
 So he says "You just leave Mc Donalds" I say no. He says " You just leave Wendys" I say no.
Im thinking he is hungry at this point ( Idid stop at Sonic 20 miles back) So I tell him no I left the golf course in Summertown. He thinks for a few seconds throws his up his thumb in a get out here motion. I waited until he got back in his car and turned of his lights before I pulled off, I was sitting at a 2 way stop.
So now I have headache from the stress and pretty shot the rest of my day as now I do not feel like doing anything. Am I wrong in thinking they are supposed to tell you why they pulled you over?

Any attorneys out there with a opnion please reply.

Disappointed with a headache

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