Friday, July 6, 2012

Air conditioning Disrepair!

During the winter our heater was making a horrible noise outside. We called a repair company they came out and had us fixed within 24 hours. The problem was that the fan came loose from the motor and both had to be replaced. A month or 2 later I came home from work and hear another noise It was the fan hitting the wires from the motor. I had to tie them up to keep them from being severed. I tell you this as it is important for the rest of the story. Late June in the last 2 weeks the temperature in middle Tennessee was very hot. Upwards of 109 degrees and of course this is when you will notice problems with the air conditioner. With that being said the AC unit quit. Being a rental property I called the landlord and they called someone out and they replaced a capacitor. They also stated that the fan was on upside down. This was told to the Landlord and they called the previous repair company they came to fix the fan correctly.
After everything that I am about to tell you I am in the belief that the repair people simply reversed the polarity on the motor causing the air to be pulled in the correct direction but not as efficient as it needs to be, because they didn’t reverse the blades just the polarity. Again look at the picture the Orange wire should go to Orange and Yellow to Yellow not the other way around. So With this being said the AC is not cooling very well the compressor is cutting out in the middle of the day with the ac unit still running inside and the desired temp not reached. This is a Brick home with the newer double pane windows. The repair company comes out only to say that its fine, I explain what it is doing he states he will send another guy out on the 5th of July i say OK great. The morning of the 5th around 8:30 a guy named Wayne shows up and hooks the gauges up and everything shows normal. I explained that it starts acting up in the afternoon. Wayne gave me his number and said to give him a call when it starts acting up. I called 3 times leaving voice mail once. I Called a 4th time from my wife’s phone with no answer. We called the landlord and they called the repair people and they said they were not coming out because a 10 degree variance was normal in the heat. I was and still am furious. I can understand a variance but the compressor will shut down when the house is still hot. This AC unit is only 2 years old. The filter is clean we have done a vent check by blocking the return air and yes it stops the output air so the duct system is in good shape. My next step and by the time you read this is to file a complaint with the BBB! I am going to hire another AC repair company and probably take the previously company to court for the difference. BTW there is a 90 yr old grandmother living here that has COPD and cannot tolerate the heat. I think 2 weeks to fix a AC unit is plenty fair. here is the link to watch the Ac acting up. And one more BTW not only did the man not answer my phone after he told me to call back he also left the screws out of the unit and the cover loose, I hope they don't vibrate over to the fan and they fly out of there injuring someone. I really recommend not using Browns heating and Air. Lets Count the ways. 1.Fan on upside down. 2.Fan hitting the wires 3.Reversed the polarity 4.Not returning customers calls. 5.Making excuses instead of fixing the problem. 6.Leaving a open AC unit exposed to children. Would you hire this company?
Signed Hot in Columbia.

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